Radoslaw Pujanek
Andrzej Hop
Aleksandra Wisniewska
Tomasz Lisiecki

Exodus-Quartet is a group of professional and experienced musicians that have achieved many successes both in the individual and collective effort. Commonly, they play in highly praised ensembles, they successfully function providing the teaching activities, they give concerts and keep broadening the knowledge and skills in the domain of conscious performance. They believe that only the string quartet as a form of act, provides the unique possibility to create euphonious strains and harmony of tones and colours, as well as exhaustive accomplishment of their music expectations. Their collective work in an ensemble creates for them a challenge of discovering innovative qualities in the field of the contemporary chamber music. Although the group aims to specialize in the performance of the modern-day music, they often derive afflation and inspiration from the classical string quartet works of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. It is precisely there, so to say ad fontes, where the essence of the chamber music lies. The discovering of its new expressions in the music of 19 th, 20th and 21st century makes it even more fascinating. They define the conscious performance as an individual exodus, the way of exit from the state of ignorance and emotionally conceived artistry. The name of the string quartet is an unceasing reminder of the symbolic experience of the exit, which also announces the perspectives and hope for the future in the field of contemporary chamber music.

Exodus-Quartett composes of the following players:

Radoslaw Pujanek, Andrzej Hop, Aleksandra Wisniewska, Tomasz Lisiecki

Aleksandra Wisniewska
61-157 Poznan
Os. Piastowskie 68/35
tel. +48 693 315 699